Amazing Grazing Tables

Each Grazing table is carefully curated with the freshest ingredients. These tables are a great way to add what we like to call “edible art” to any gathering. Ditch the sit-down dinner and use one of our tables as a meal replacement. Snack, dance, repeat. The generous amounts of cheese, fruit, nuts, chocolate, crackers—you name it—are sure to turn heads! 

We also offer Layered Grazing tables that include rental of  our finest wooden boards, marbles, risers, paddles, cheese knives, crates, etc. This is a great way to add depth to any table. Break down and clean up is included with the Layered Grazing tables.

We recommend storing your tables in a cool place so they can stay fresh longer. To ensure table freshness, we recommend that guests graze up to three hours indoors and two hours outdoors.











Flat Lay Grazers start at $20 per person 

Styled and Layered Grazers start at $25 per person

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