B U D G E T  F O R  B R I D E S

Why do some weddings end up costing you a five hour fortune?  There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and there are tons of people you can hire to do it for you. Or you can do some of these simple things to save your wallet and sanity.

Below are 5 budget friendly  tips you can do when planning your special day. Some of these options are actually meditative if you go into them, others are fun with bridesmaids help. ( And by bridesmaids, I mean a bottle of Cabernet.)

I do want to add, that planning a wedding yourself can bring on a ton of stress if you let it. Try your best to take it one day at a time. Seriously. If you just do 5 things a day on your “to do” list- VS freaking out about fittings and cake tastings, you save you and your hunny lots of tension.

Let’s begin. :


This is my first DIY for you because it’s one of the most expensive/ mandatory things that is at most weddings. Granted, I don’t want to take business away from Figs & Floral, or any floral company, because a lot of love and labor goes into creating your dream bouquet, however, I am recommending spreading a little love and time  into your florals.

You can find affordable Jars on Amazon, 99 Cent store or any craft store for under $3 a pop.

Have each of your bridesmaids go get a dozen each of: Carnations, Daisies, Roses, or Lavender. ( Something that matches your wedding colors.) This is important that they do this the night before so they are the most fresh.

I recommend you make one, two, or none. It’s the night before your big day, get your rest and let the besties take over.


Are you ready? Hire a friend that is close enough where you love her IG page, but not close enough that she’d be mad that you didn’t invite her to your wedding.  This is what I like to call  a LTDI. ( Let Them Do It) It’s a great way to cut costs and still get the images you want.

Photographers charge an arm an a leg but an iPhone 10 can literally take professional looking photos.  So I’d start scoping out aesthetics that your friends have. This ideal candidate for the job will be:

  • Phone savvy, preferably their own phone

  • Agrees to take photos from start to finish

All you need to do is buy them coffee when you meet up for them to airdrop your beautiful wedding photos. I know some people who do this for free and others who will do it for just $300.



Okay so there are a few options for this one. If you really don’t want to spend any money on food, have a potluck styled wedding. You can have your friend and family sign up with a dish they would like online. ( This is something I would have them do instead of bringing a gift. )

You can also skip the sit down dinner and have a large Grazing Table for all your guest to feed themselves. They can be quite filling, so I’ve heard. 😉

Last option for saving money on food is to have an evening wedding where the guest have already eaten dinner but they can come for dessert.This is so affordable and can be classy. I recommend a dessert grazing table. ( But that’s just me.)  There are catering services that can set up a coffee/tea station as well. 



Okay my friend, save yourself the $1500 on a loud DJ! If you are having a wedding that is 4 to 5 hours long, have each of your bridal party collect 20 songs each. Add all of these songs on a Spotify playlist and voila. But who is going to play the music? Get creative, most Uncles or cousins won’t mind keeping an eye on starting it or turning it to the appropriate song. I assure you, this is easier than you think.  Spotify is only $9.99 a month and sometimes they have 3 months for $10. You can cancel anytime. 


        Most venues cost the amount of your entire budget and only sometimes include catering and old tables.

I like to refer all my brides to Peerspace. It is basically Air B n B for Venues and it’s amazing. They charge you hourly and have venues all over the world! You can cut your venue expenses in half or more! Go to www.Peerspace.com and find your ideal venue.

I hope these tricks come in handy! Send us photos of your centerpieces, backyard wedding and send us your favorite wedding playlist. 🙂

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